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This blog should be sub-titled: a journal of my life in geek.

I get my geek on with things about which I am geeky: comic books, Baseball, Ultimate, science fiction, my favorite bands, books I have read and loved, and Jungian psychology to name some of the most frequently traversed subjects.

I began this project simply as a way to count my T-shirts. I own a lot of T-shirts. But how many do I have? Do I have 365? We shall find out.

When I started this blog, I thought about how each T-shirt means something to me. I bought it for a reason, after all. I set myself the task to post an entry about a new T-shirt every day as a way to simply write something every day, a warm up for writing fiction, which is my passion. Writing is like exercise. Warm ups are good for exercise. But after completing a month of blogging about T-shirts, I have learned that this blog serves as a journal; it documents my life in geek, sort of a tour of my interests in pop culture. The blog serves as a tool for self-inventory, for assessment and analysis of self and the origins of self, for stepping through the process of individuation in catalogues, lists, and ranks.

The blog also made me aware that I have some serious gaps in my T-shirt ownership, and I am in the process of collecting some new T-shirts for several of the great popular culture icons that I truly love. Stay tuned.

I was also a bit surprised that people checked out my blog and continue to check it, read it, and even comment on it. I am very appreciative of this readership. Please feel free to share your thoughts in my comments section. I will respond.

Also, please note that I have moved the original introductory text to the side bar. And now, I present to you the most recent entry of 365 T-shirts: a journal of my life in geek. Thank you for reading.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

T-shirt #357 - The Pixies - Long-Sleeve

TODAY'S COUNT: 09 blog posts remaining in the T-shirt year!!

I think I should start adding whiskey to my iced tea, coffee, whatever I am drinking all day, in large amounts. The grades I am giving would improve. I would enjoy giving them much more, and the students would appreciate my drunken scrawl of computer type.


T-shirt #357 - The Pixies - Long-Sleeve - MUSIC THERAPY CLUB

I considered posting just one video on this page -- keeping it simple.

But then it has to be one Pixies video, and I feel I posted some of the best Pixies videos I could find when I posted about the Pixies for T-shirt # 329.

I liked the pseudo "Battle of the Bands" thing I did for T-shirt #350, but I did not want to post another TEN videos.

But maybe I could compromise.

How about three videos?

OFFICIAL BOILERPLATE TEXT OF THE LAST TWENTY POSTS COUNTDOWN: Hi. Thanks for reading. I am posting this "boilerplate" text everyday for the last TWENTY posts in the T-SHIRT blog year, which started on March 22, 2013. I will close out daily transmission on March 21st, day 365 of my T-shirt blog-tastic extravaganza spectacular. I will give myself a short hiatus of total non-transmission or  publication for an as yet undetermined period of time, though I am estimating about two weeks. After my blog vacation hiatus, I will resume T-shirt posts on a regular basis, also as yet to be determined (weekly? Twice monthly?) to finish blogging about all the T-shirts that were not featured in the blog year. At some point, once I feel I am rolling along nicely, I will begin regular posting through my main blog: SENSE OF DOUBT. T-shirt posts will direct to the T-shirt blog from SENSE OF DOUBT. I will continue to post THE WEEKLY COMIC LIST, the features of occasional T-SHIRTS I AM WEARING THIS WEEK, book reviews, comic book reviews, and other popular culture nonsense as I have been for a year now but all will go up at SENSE OF DOUBT and some will direct back here to 365 T-SHIRTS. Ultimately, I will begin Internet publication of my fiction, primarily the comic book satire episodic story called POP! among other projects. So, in summary, 365 T-SHIRTS will continue though intermittently. SENSE OF DOUBT will host my main blog presence and fiction writing as well as links to any T-shirt posts shared here. I hope you will continue to follow me in my journey as a writer and a content provider. Thank you for your kind attention and time you have spent with me on this and/or any other day this year. I am humbled and blessed by your readership. - chris tower, blogger, originated 1403.02

THREE VIDEOS TODAY - none of which are by the Pixies.

I really exhausted what I wanted to share on the Pixies in T-shirt # 329.

I was going to include more long time favourites. But in recent years, I have become a huge fan of downtempo jazz, house, chillout house, ambient chill-out, deep house, and lounge music. Anything with a down beat or no down beat and just a chill factor. I prefer material without lyrics. My favourite chill artist is DJ Dimsa, who I think works in Europe somewhere, possibly Paris.

Here's the "about" on his YouTube channel. DJ DIMSA ON YOUTUBE.

DJ Dimsa is a unique phenomenon representing a very new direction in international DJing. Bedroom DJ or a Professional? Lounge or Deep House DJ? A pioneer of the Internet DJ or a leader for the new breed of Social Media DJs? All of the above and none of them at the same time. DJ Dimsa clearly stands out from today's crowd of typical DJs who narrowly specialize on one and only genre and sound -- he takes the road less travelled and leverages his almost 30 years of musical background to create his unique sound. Dimsa is an Original Lounge Crusader. He has a mission, the LOUNGE mission: to share his moods, whether it's a beachside cafe or cluster of poolside cabanas in Mallorca, Spain or an ultra-chic and hip lounge in the Bay Area around San Francisco, Dimsa has it covered.

If you like this kind of thing, check out his mixes. It is my thing. Luckily, I was able to download some of his mixes from a DJ site two years ago. As far as I know he's not producing material that can be downloaded anymore.

I was going to share one of his new ones, but I found an older one on his You Tube channel that I like much better. Here it is.

Impulse - Bedroom Lounge

I am going to cheat. That one doesn't count as one single song. So now I am posting THREE videos. The previous video is a freebie.

Three songs that have meant more to me than I can express in words by artists for whom I do not own T-shirts.

I went live with the next one, even though none of the live recordings on You Tube are perfect as the very beginning of the song is cut off, and all the songs are shorter versions. Still, seeing and hearing the passion of Beth Orton doing this song is amazing.

I have seen Beth Orton twice. The first time I saw her in Irving Place in New York and I was watching the warm up band as she walked up behind me with her dress for the show slung over shoulder. Other people mobbed her, so I left her alone, but we exchanged smiles.

Beth Orton is one of my favorite all time singer-songwriters PERIOD. I discovered her quite by chance, when I decided to buy some new music, two new CDs, based on reviews in Details magazine. Both artists (the other is Lori Carson) have become two of my favorites.

This song has been an anthem to me. A healing balm. A passionate, angry, tortured testament to some love lost, found, found again, whatever.

It's just a great fucking song.

Beth Orton - Feel To Believe (Live @ Union Chapel, London, 05.12.

I had an argument with some wanker online over the lyrics. I say she's singing

And I won't waste a single second
Living in hell as an idea of heaven
And if one truth leads you to five
I still don't believe in your reasons why

But this bloke, and many of the lyrics sites have

And I won't waste a single second
Living in hell as a nadir of heaven
And if one truth leads you to five
I still don't believe in your reasons why

I say that since Beth is British, her "an idea of" comes out like "nadir of." If I ever get a chance to meet or correspond with Beth, I am going to ask her. But, really, I am pretty sure I'm right.

I cannot remember if I discovered William Orbit first and was further convinced to buy Beth Orton's first album Trailer Park (1996) because he produced it or if I found her first. I suspect I had already found Orbit in 1996 because I first fell in love with Orbit's 1993 Water From A Vine Leaf. Orbit also produced the only Madonna album I really like Ray of Light.

This next song is amazing and comes from his 2006 masterpiece Hello WaveForms.

William Orbit (feat. Kenna & Sugababes) - Spiral


I have no real plan here. I am just letting the energy of the universe and happenstance guide me in these picks. The songs have to be great and ones that have meant a great deal to me. They also have to be from artists I have not yet nor do not plan to share about. 

Last one...

Japan Ghosts 480p Quality

Uploaded on Feb 17, 2011

originally transmitted 18.3.82. the clip everybody remembers - let the dry ice flow and the special effects roll..

I am going to let this one speak for itself. Love this band and I love David Sylvian and his solo career since then.

COUNTDOWN TO END OF THE BLOG YEAR - 08 shirts remaining

- chris tower - 1403.13 - 19:59