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This blog should be sub-titled: a journal of my life in geek.

I get my geek on with things about which I am geeky: comic books, Baseball, Ultimate, science fiction, my favorite bands, books I have read and loved, and Jungian psychology to name some of the most frequently traversed subjects.

I began this project simply as a way to count my T-shirts. I own a lot of T-shirts. But how many do I have? Do I have 365? We shall find out.

When I started this blog, I thought about how each T-shirt means something to me. I bought it for a reason, after all. I set myself the task to post an entry about a new T-shirt every day as a way to simply write something every day, a warm up for writing fiction, which is my passion. Writing is like exercise. Warm ups are good for exercise. But after completing a month of blogging about T-shirts, I have learned that this blog serves as a journal; it documents my life in geek, sort of a tour of my interests in pop culture. The blog serves as a tool for self-inventory, for assessment and analysis of self and the origins of self, for stepping through the process of individuation in catalogues, lists, and ranks.

The blog also made me aware that I have some serious gaps in my T-shirt ownership, and I am in the process of collecting some new T-shirts for several of the great popular culture icons that I truly love. Stay tuned.

I was also a bit surprised that people checked out my blog and continue to check it, read it, and even comment on it. I am very appreciative of this readership. Please feel free to share your thoughts in my comments section. I will respond.

Also, please note that I have moved the original introductory text to the side bar. And now, I present to you the most recent entry of 365 T-shirts: a journal of my life in geek. Thank you for reading.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

T-shirt #172 - A Good Planet is Hard to Find

T-shirt #172 - A Good Planet is Hard to Find

Hello and welcome to Monday.

After taking extra time to complete my tribute to Bob Russell for yesterday's entry (T-shirt #171), I am incredibly behind schedule with work and everything else, so today's entry will be short and sweet.

This is a shirt that may be destined to become pajamas.

Have you noticed that my pajama shirts are all white? Am I fixated? I suspect that this may be part of my OC tendencies. I am not OCD. I don't think my OC has a D. No disorder here. Just order. That's the whole point, isn't it?


Bob Russell would have liked this shirt. If not the shirt, then the sentiments. He wore many T-shirts featuring environmental causes as that was one of his main areas of focus as a community activist. For years, with Sally and others, he ran the Neahtawanta Education and Resource Center and published the newspaper Synapse that addressed environmental causes. This information was buried in my tribute yesterday but not in the forefront. Bob is one of the greatest influences in my life, inspiring me to care more for environmental issues and work to support the same kinds of outcomes he did.

When I thought of featuring this shirt, the Police song "One World" came into my head and ran around and around and around. So I am including it on today's blog entry. See the video below.

But first some last words about "gmr" and "afl" (see hat in the pictures).

"Gmr" is my title for my function in the universe. It is short for "Galactic Monkey Wrench." This title was awarded to me by a close friend in college who defined my function in the universe. I toss in the "monkey wrench,"  and I have to power to affect the workings of the entire galaxy with my galactic-influencing monkey wrench powers.

When I shared this title with another friend who has his own title (the LOC or Lord of Chaos), he blurted out "GMR" for "Galactic Monkey Wrench" without thinking of the actual spelling and acronyms of the title. It stuck. Besides, GMR sounds much better than GMW. So, I am the Galactic Monkey WUH-rench. I adopted GMR as my alternate acronym and named my freelance writing business (and associated emails and web sites) "gmrstudios."

AFL stands for Anguish, Fear, Lamenting, which comes from the 10,000 Maniacs song "Grey Victory" about the Enola Gay and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. AFL has become a catch-all phrase with my friend, the LOC, for our frequent and continual reaction to things in the world, the universe, to the actions of other people, to our own fears, regrets, anxieties, and frustrations.


My friend the LOC gave me this hat to match one he has with LOC AFL embroidered on it.

Bob Russell would have found this explanation and meaning amusing, also, and certainly he would have had something sarcastic to say about it.

I can still hear you, Bob. I can still hear you.

For now, hear this.

"One world is enough for all of us."

The Police - One World - Live in  Festival de Viña del Mar Chile 1982 

- 2nd Night

- chris tower - 1309.09 - 11:47